Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Our trip started on Wednesday evening when we wanted to catch the bus to Delhi. We know Chandigarh pretty well so we had no problems to book the AC bus. But as it is AC bus it means that it is freezer. Indians are crazy about AC and it is better to take warm socks, long trousers and a jacket so that you are not cold. Sounds crazy when we talk about India, right?
Anyways we came to Delhi at 4 am in the morning, took a rickshaw and went to our hotel. The other day we started our journey in Delhi. We managed to see the Secretariat, India gate and Jama masjit. We ate in a very fancy restaurant and finally had something non Indian.

Our trip was a bit tough as the other morning we had a train to Agra. We wanted to experience the true Indian trains so we took the lowest class. It was only 3 hours so it was not that bad. Me and y Czech friend Maruska are used to staring people and males taking pictures of us. The train had grillage on the windows, maybe to keep the passengers inside and it was a bit stinky, I guess because people piss on the floor.
The whole way there were people selling food, indian tea and different drinks. We rather did not eat anything because we know what street food can do with our stomach, right? After around one hour there were 2 transvestites coming into the train. They said something in Hindi, touched our heads, clapped and left. It was because me and Maruska were girls. Our other friend Ganda does not have such a pleasant experience with it. He was touched much more and they wanted money from him. I heard different stories from different interns that these people sometimes touch male's buts and when they want money from you and you don't give they can even curse you. I guess we were lucky and so we were not cursed or harmed in any way.
After we got off in Agra we found out that Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays. Such a pity. As we cannot miss it we decided to change our tickets, we cancelled our train tickets and book a bus tickets to Jaipur. In Agra you can see Taj Mahal, Baby Taj Mahal, Agra fort and some other Palaces which we did not see because they were too far.
When we went to Taj Mahal, there was a cyclo rickshaw which charged all 3 of us only 10 Rs. We were wondering why is it so cheap and after few meters we found out why. Taj Mahal was only 5 minutes walking from the place we took the rickshaw. The driver was very polite though. Even though he did not speak English he at least tried to start the conversation. He asked: Where are you from? Our reply was pretty natural: From different countries (as it was me from Slovakia, Maruska from Czech Republic and Ganda from Indonesia). The driver was pleased with the answer and said: Oh, very nice country. At least he tried :)
Taj Mahal was built by one emperor. His favourite wife died when she was giving birth to their 14th kid and she wanted him to build something unforgettable. He built Taj Mahal after few years of her death, sometimes in 17th century and it was supposed to be her tomb. Anyways there is no doubt that the building is worth to see if anyone comes to India.
The only thing that bothers me in Agra is the discrimination of tourists. If you are not an Indian citizen, you pay for entry from Rs. 100 for Baby Taj Mahal to Rs. 750 for Taj Mahal. Indian citizens pay only 10 to 20 Rs. If they see that you are white all the beggars and other dealers will come and offer you what they have. The thing is that they are so anoying that you can't rid of them. And they want to charge you for every single thing, if you take a picture or even if you don't ask for their service and they provide it without your permission.
After this we were heading for Jaipur. We almost missed our bus because of bad timing and after it came we found out that it is not a tourist bus as we booked but a local bus. We were shifted to the upper places which were meant for sleeping. As 99% of all passengers were Indian locals we felt like in the Zoo. At least we can feel how black people feel when they come to our villages.
Jaipur is a beautiful city. Although it is called pink city it is more of the orange then pink. Anyways we stayed in the trainee house. The trainees there have such a beautiful house. On a rank from 1 to 10 I will give 8. (And to our in 37 I will give 1 :D)