Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hamari Kaksha

Hamari Kaksha is the NGO where I was working for the past one week. It was established in order to educate those kids who would not have a chance to do that. Most of them are from underprivileged families. They are working in the morning and from 3 to 6 they come to play to this Nursery school. This is the only way of education they can get. And I think the only time when they can really enjoy being a child.
They have been working for past few weeks on different plays on various topics. The topics are environment, road safety, corruption and byrocracy or education of women. The average age of the kids here is from 9 to 13. What amazed me a lot that they are very talented. Even though they have very hard life, they come every day and for few hours, they can be kids. They can play with the others and learn something. Most of them do not know English but even though they are trying. I am sure that it was the first time for them to hold my camera when they took pictures with it. I love the smile on their faces and the positive attitude you can see on their faces.
Working with these kids is a challenge and it definitely made one realize how lucky we are that our education is mandatory. And we do not appreciate it!
People who are working with these kids are all volunteers. They do come and spend their time teaching them just for a feeling of satisfaction and to see their smiles.

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