Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As we all know India and Pakistan are not friends at all. From the time they splitted they did not like each other and even we had experienced different bomb blasts before Indian Independence day.
Anyway there is a city near the india-pakistan borders called Amritsar. It is famous for the Golden temple, the temple which is made from gold and is Gurudwara of Sikhs. You cannot enter without covering your knees, shoulders and head.
Sikhism is a religion which is most visible in Punjab area. Sikhs came from Hindu but it is a different religion. These are the people who wear turbans.
They worship 11 Gurus where their last Guru is a holy book. There are 5 elements which show that they are Sikhs. First they do not cut their hair and never shave. The idea of this is that they are as the God made them and therefore they should not change anything on their body. Even men do have long hair and that is why they tie the turban.
The next is iron bracelet which should stop them from making anything bad. Then they wear a comb to remove the dead hair and all the bad ideas. They also wear some special underwear which I have still no idea what it is for and they have a knife for their own protection and protection of their families and relatives.
The other attraction you can see is pakistani border. It is approximately 4 km from Amritsar and it is the only place where you can cross the borders to Pakistan. And they have a celebration every day. On both sides people dance and sing although the Indian side is much louder that the Pakistani one.
Apart from these two things there is not much to see in Amritsar therefore one day trip is far enough.

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