Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Manali is a city up north on the way to Kashmir. Usually it takes 10 to 14 hours to get there. But as we are lucky we are a special case and our bus took almost 20 hours to get there. On a way there there was a landslide so we had to take a detour and that made us late.
Anyways I have to say that it is worth all of the endless hours in the bus, bumby ride on the curves of Indian mountains and broken seats of the Tourist bus.
To compare it with something I know, mountains in Manali are more like our High Tatras. They are rocky and you see many pine trees, grass and eagles. The weather is also cool and it is a nice break from hot Chandigarh.

You can do lots of shopping there and also adventurous sports. The options are from ballooning, paragliding to rafting and rock climbing. The only thing you need for that is good weather which is in the monsoon season pretty hard. Therefore we could not do any of these. On the other hand we went to Rothan Pass which is around 2 hours from Manali on a way to Leh. From this point you can see Himalayas and also a snow line. You even can get horses and coat and get directly to the snow line.
And the best thing about Manali is that their food is delicious.

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