Friday, August 22, 2008

Cycling day in Chandigarh

Today, 23rd August was a big day for Chandigarh. At least it was planned to be a big day. Today was a cycling day. Number of expected delegates was around 1000. As one of my friends, Ganda from Indonesia is working for Chandigarh tourism, the company which organizes this event, also the AIESECers and interns were supposed to participate. And we were supposed to be provided with the bikes. Local people had to take their own bikes but it is not that big deal when you live here, right?
The planned route was from Open Hand monument to Sukhna lake, from 7am till 12.
Well as we are in incredible India, reality was "slightly" different.
I woke up at 6.10 to be at the right place on time. Chandigarh is famous for this Open Hand monument as it is a symbol of the city, but the rickshaw drivers don't know the way how to get there. Therefore it took us longer to bargain the price and find the way how to get there. Me and my Chinese friend Louis were right on time, just 2 minutes before 7. He was pretty excited about all this and rushed to find a bicycle.
Right on time, the tour started. Ganda did not showed up so we just grabbed the first bicycles we saw and rushed into the crowd. Louis obviously wanted to be the first one, although there was no price for this and he immediately disappeared. Me and Louis were the only interns who came so I decided to enjoy the the whole ride. But as shit happens my bicycle broke down and I could not fix it.
But another guardian angel came and helped me out from this situation. The journalist stopped by and took me by his car to the place. We were following the race and I was happy I am part of it and a bit disappointed because of my bike.
After 15 minutes we reached the tea place. I thought first that it is just a first stop but after couple of talks I found out that the race is over.
So imagine you wake up at 6.10, rush into the Open Hand monument to be on time, steal someone's bicycle to participate and it all only for 15 minutes race without any price. Well at least we see how things work in India.

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hey natas.. i was jus going thru ur blog and found that u had a bumpy ride in india.. neways i came to ur blog thru my search for hamari kaksha.. i am a doctor and jus came back from usa..i live in patiala, a town very close to chandigarh.. if u are in india then please be my guest and i will show u something diff and assure u that next time u come to india u will not have this much of email is i know u might feel insecure about this offer but believe me Ull be safe, I live with my parents and am here in India jus for a month or so... DO let me know ... tc

DR Gagan